Razhede Highsmith

Different Approach To Marketing: Bond Street Watches

Razhede Highsmith
Different Approach To Marketing: Bond Street Watches
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Take a chance because you never known how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be
— Unknown

Boldness is something I feel that I embody. When it comes to what I wear, I tend to take that same approach , whether its in the manner of what I wear or how I market myself. Being able to stand out in today's society is a feat that is underrated, but extremely valuable when it comes to marketing. 

I am not fashionable, I have my own style
— Razhede

That is why I was extremely excited to be able to collaborate on a blog with Bond Street Watches. Bond Street Watches has done nothing but exceed the expectations of being BOLD. Out of all companies I have worked with, I have never seen a watch company with this type of marketing approach. 

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A company established in Britian, Bond Street, this gutsy company not only provides some of the most top-notch, water proof, minimalist style watches on the market, but their most recent campaign, (which has helped them gain a huge following on social media), focused hugely on NSFW, After Dark Content, to market their Mayfair collection.

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This campaign featured playmates, boudoir models, and even pornstars (pretty bold right?). It has seemed that the London based fans took well to this campaign and has showed no sign of slowing up. Bond Street watches looks to expand into the USA, I am very curious to see if this company will continue the same approach. 


For their Valentine  Day campaign they have launched their NSFW website called www.BondStreetAfterDark.com to go alongside www.BondStreetWatches.com

You can use the code VALENTINESDAY to claim 18% off on both sites.