F.L.Y = First Love Yourself
— Unknown

Hello Everyone, 


As you all could tell, I took a break from writing blogs for various reasons (money, operating a business, writers block etc.) Then I came across an email from company called JORD, who specializes in manufacturing luxury, handcrafted wooden timepieces. They inspired me to write this blog, right in time for some holiday inspiration, let me tell you how: 


Every since I was a kid valentines day has been rough for me, from 4th grade when I saved up all my money from cutting grass to get a girl a $200 necklace as a gift (big baller right), just so she could publicly embarrass me in front of half the school to tell me she flushed it down the toilet to my latest relationship where a month after breaking up with me she was in a committed relationship. This lead me not to question others motives, but to critically analyze myself and my flaws. This stage in my life lead me to work tirelessly. 


The gift of a luxury watch such as JORD to a man typically represents him entering a new or more mature stage in his life. In January of 2018 I had been operating my business for four months, on track to operating a quarter million-dollar company, yet I still didn't feel that I had a symbol of my growth. That's when I received an email from JORD watches who provided me with a watch that was absolutely show stopping (literally). 


People were amazed because  they very seldom see a luxury watch with a wood skeleton, and a t a very affordable price. This served a s a major confidence boost and I took this as validation that I was entering a new and better stage in my life by being gifted with such a great watch. This also made me realize tha all of the years of me over exerting, it was time to appreciate and show myself the love that I have given to so many people.


Now I know what you are thinking, "That's a part of marketing correct?", I you were to look at me, I just started this blogging journey a year ago, I am still considered a micro influencer. Which is what makes me so honored that a lucury watch company such as JORD reached out to me because the truly seen value in my hard work, dedication and my story.


To add icing on the cake JORD allows you to engrave messages on the back of each watch and the reminder message they engraved for me was....


As a reminder that I am valuable and I am not defined by how others view me, but by my actions and it is time to step up and conquer my dreams. JORD watches is great affordable gift for not only valientines day but any holiday, and as a thank you to all of my followers who read my blogs consistently JORD has given you all a chance to enter a contest for a chance at $100 just by clicking this link!


If you are ready to just jump on your new luxury timepiece click one of the links below and claim you 10% off code!!!!!!!

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