10 Style Tips for Men

10 Style Tips for Men
You must first master the basics.
— Razhede

In the midst of perfecting my own style, I have been getting a bunch of questions surrounding what is the best way to assemble the perfect outfit. I want to start by saying, there is no perfect outfit, I strongly believe in the statement "I am not fashionable, I have style". This statement means DO WHAT YOU WANT.

There are only a few guidelines I keep in mind when putting together an outfit and they are as follows:

1.) Two button suits are the go to suit for all occasions and a necessary staple in every mans closet. 

2.) Your tie width should be the same width as the lapel.

3.) The size of your tie knot should fill you collar gap.


5.) Baggy clothes gives the illusion of a shorter stature.

6.) Tailored does not translate to tight. 

7.) RELEASE THE VENTS- If you don't know what the vents are, it is the slit(s) on the back of your blazer. You should never leave them stitched up.

8.) Bowties are attention grabbers!

9.) Iron your clothes/Take to cleaners

The most important one (in my opinion)






To be fashionable is to fit in and follow trends, to have style is to stand out and be known, so let the world know who you are.


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8.) Iron your clothes!