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Top Retailers for Budget Shopping

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Top Retailers for Budget Shopping
You are no longer a boy, and one of the first duties which a man owes to his friends and to society is to live within his income.
— Thomas Hughes

"Do I look like a walking bank to you?" "You must think money just grow on the trees huh?" "You got some *inserts brand* money", If you grew up hearing these phrases or things similar, you were learning early the technique of BUDGETING.

Being that the world of men's fashion is relatively small compared to woman's fashion, it is very hard for men to look as dapper as possible without spending a pretty little penny. I have seen woman put together an outfit together (outfit, accessories, and shoes) and it totaled to around 50 dollars. (Tj maxx 50 challenge)  

On a positive note, the world of men fashion is growing, quickly, and companies are stepping up and catching the wave of gentleman who love fashion. Listed below are the top retailers (in my opinion.) that are known for their bargain prices but high quality clothing. 


3.) Uniqlo- "Unique Clothing"

- The only reason this site is number three on this list is because I have known the top two choices longer. Uniqlo price points are absolutely phenomenal. The company is also very seasonally focused, they waste no time in preparing the website for the next season, offering great deals to get rid of the current seasons inventory.

2.) ASOS- "A Source Of Shoes"

Asos is great for buying name brands such as Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Lacoste etc at great price points. They have a great inventory of shoes. Their suits are fair, most of them made in skinny or super skinny, which is great for some because it gives the tailored look without the need for a tailor.  

1.) KG Fashion- "Suit Central"

Home of the deals!!! Every Saturday they send a text message with amazing deals on top menswear brands such as Stacey Adams, Sean John, Michael Kors, US Polo Assn. and much more. The deals range from 69.99 clearance suits to buying one suit at full price and getting two free! They even have an affordable on-site tailoring and embroidery services. They also have amazing deals on shoes. My only critics about them is that there accessories are not all consistent and sometimes plain. 

What are your top stores? What are some tips you utilize to locate deals and not compromise your look? Thanks for reading!!

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