The Pre-Tied Bowtie: Yay or Nay

The Pre-Tied Bowtie: Yay or Nay
I am not fashionable, I have style!
— Razhede Highsmith

Based off of that quote alone, I am pretty sure you see where I am going with this article. "No self-respecting man should wear a ready made bowtie, those are for children" - Narinder Kaur. A quote read in an article and I honestly was disgusted. I don't feel that wearing a pre-tied bowtie diminishes your value as a man.

- What if the gentleman wearing the bowtie could not afforda self-tie bowtie?


During the recent years, I have heard a lot of pros and cons tothe pre-tied, the majority is as follows


- Pre-Tied Bowties are very convenient

- They are always neat.

- The are very cheap.



- "Bowties that are pre-tied are for children"

- Perfection is not the goal, its the act of tying a bowtie

- Men should know how to tie a bowtie

My Personal Opinion...

If you want to wear a pre-tied bowtie, that is your own business. Bowties are attention grabbing accessories, and sometimes a well-crafted pre-tied bowtie can catch attention due to its perfected shape and typically very dramatic in design. For example, a company called BBuddyBowties specializes in making pre-tied bowties out of unconvientional materials such as leather or as pictured, burlap. They are currently manufacturing a bowtie out of nothing but cork.

In Conclusion

I have never seen a self-tie bowtie made out of burlap, leather or cork! Sometimes if you want to be different, you have to go against rules. Do you!!!! How do you feel about pre-tied bowties? Do you think a man does not respect his look if he was to wear one?

Thanks for the read!

Until Next Time

The Dapper King

Razhede Highsmith