Razhede Highsmith

What did the Fox say?

Razhede Highsmith
What did the Fox say?
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" - Fox

The day I was taking this picture.....nothing was going as planned, I got off work late and it was about to rain shortly after. Originally I was suppose to go to charlotte to take pictures, which would taken me at least 30 minutes to get to my destination...I was desperate, so right before the exit to charlotte Destiny (my photographer) and I spotted an area where the city was tearing it down, so we decided to pull over.

Rue 21

The results actually came out great!  I felt as though the rugged look of my surroundings complimented my outfit, which I was going for an urban streetwear look.  

Rue 21 hat

As I listen to the Fox, I wanted to find another focus for my pictures other than this abandoned building in the background...and then my opportunity came....

A TRAIN!!! Filled with graffiti came rolling by our location. I was excited, it was only one problem, I was about 50 yards away of getting a decent picture! So I took off over rubble and all trying not to fall, and as you see I made it.

To conclude, the shoot was a success, even though we were crunched for time, limited resources when it came to the area available to shoot, we still made something great happen. Sometimes you are forced to use what you got and make something happen as a great friend once said....

"You either barbeque or mildew.."- Gabe You trust and believe I chose to barbeque.


Until next time KingZ

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