K&G Fashion Store

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Balling on a budget!!!

That is what I am all about. While embarking on this journey to motivate young men and woman to create and uphold a better image of self, I first sought of how I could make the life still in which I want them to live affordable at all ages. So I got to researching....

K & G Fashion Red Jacket

The typical results that came up were TJ Maxx, Ross, Gabes, Fallas, I even considered Wally World (Wal-Mart), but none of these truly satisfied my taste for premium, name brand menswear. That is when I made a life changing discovery....

K & G Fashion!! K & G Fashion is a superstore filled with name brand men and woman wear for all ages, with up to 60 percent off including top brands such as Micheal Kors, Prada, Sean John etc. With that being said you know I was in there like......

Wasting no time I scavenged over the whole store for about 4 hours and seen so many items that I wanted it made it difficult for me to leave. The sales were phenomenal. Nautica suits on sale for 75 dolalrs, self-tie bowties on sell for 2.00, the store is absolutely amazing. For anyone just starting in fashion and/or wants to build their wardrobe, I would most definitely start in K & G.


In conclusion, I want to thank y'all for reading my blog. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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The Dapper King

Razhede Highsmith