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Razhede Highsmith
Dapper KingZ x Dopetry

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Growing up in an urban area and single parent home, the only dreams we were "allowed" to have was to become the neighborhood drug dealer, star athlete, or some type of musician. Much emphasis was put on excelling in sports or gathering the attention of your peers to validate who you are and will become.

Well...I wasn't brought up in that manner. Being in a fatherless home, I refused to be defined by what society deemed "normal" for me. FIRST OFF....I didn't fit in anyway......

I was athletic....but 5'5" (arguably 5'4" to be honest), so that cancelled out a lot of those gangsta ambitions that I once had. Being so different caused me to act out in my younger days, which lead me to almost be sent to a group home.

I knew that this is not what I wanted. I just felt that I had no one to talk too. My mother had to work to provide for the five children in the house, my next closest family member was four hours away, and I was currently trying to get over the phase of engaging in self injurious behaviors.

So I turned to fashion and poetry. I felt that these were ways that I could express myself in a positive way and also affect others who had the same struggles as myself. (Lets be honest, who doesn't want to listen to good poetry and a well dressed man lol). Out of the struggles of life Dapper KingZ and Dopetry was formed.

Dapper KingZ built to monetize the purpose of my non-profit organization Higher Achievement Outreach, which is to provide instruction academically, while teaching necessary life lessons to help underprivileged communities thrive.

While collaborating with two other organizations, Dopetry and The Healing Tree of Charlotte for Abused Children, Dapper KingZ was able to put together an event named Project Muse. The soul purpose of this event was to give the community an avenue to express themselves through any type of art. THE EVENT TURNED OUTGREAT!!!!

The Healing Tree of Charlotte for Abused Children CEO Alessia Stafford

The Healing Tree of Charlotte for Abused Children CEO Alessia Stafford

A lot of great poets, a good time and a fun atomosphere...and lets not forget....

That boy was clean and stunting in a rental. If you are not going to have fun doing what you love, then you don't need to do it. Dapper KingZ is more than just teaching young men how to dress, it about providing the blueprint to becoming a successful, productive human being, against all the odds you will face.

I am so ready to see what the future holds for my organization and hopefully you will continue to follow my blog to find out yourself :) Until next time!

Outfit Details:

Pants: Rue21

Shirt: Hanes Brand

Jacket: Goodwill

Shoes: K&G Fashion Superstore

Accessories: Belk



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