22 Things a Black Male Should Understand

22 Things a Black Male Should Understand
Success is not so much measured by the position one holds, but by the obstacles he has overcome to get there.
— Booker T. Washington

Three Months Ago....


I started my blogging journey in hopes to promote positive lifestyle tips, fashion tips and advice, and promote the ideas that are the staples of my non-profit. I am happy to say that this journey has been a huge success so far.

I get a lot of questions, most of them revolving around "how" to chase their dreams. Me personally I had to mentally tighten up before I even began this journey. Here are the 22 things I had to understand...

1.) You are Kings - Your community needs your involvement. You are the descendants of Kings, therefore do not let society force feed an image for you.

2.) You are Unique-  Embrace what makes you different, your difference will make a difference to someone. 

3.) You Need to Read- Read, Retain and Utilize. Knowledge is the key to success.

4.) Mental Healthiness is Vital-  "I got it bruh" or anything along those line are unacceptable, men are known to suppress feelings to the back of their mind, only for them to resurrect and have negative effects on not only you, but those you love.

5.) Live Your Life-  Life is about optimism, anything can happen, shoot for the stars.

6.) Haters are natural- You were born with a target on your back, success will do nothing but make the target more visible. Knowing this should not deter you from pursuing your dreams.

7.) Build Your Team- Whether professional or personal, the people you hang around are a reflection of you.

8.) Pray - In the good times and the bad times, send one up, at least when you wake up and go to bed. (If you want to do more then get your praise on brother.)

9.) Help Others - We all have a purpose on this earth, lend a hand when you can.

10.) Empire State of Mind- Think bigger than where you are at right now because what you believe you can and will achieve.

11.) Uplift Other Black Males - We understand each others struggle.

12) Fast Money isn't the best Money- There is nothing wrong with McDonalds, Wal-mart or a desk job. A 9-5 pays the bills and keeps you off the streets, just remember to climb the ladder where ever you go.

13.) Give it your all - If you give it your all, there is no "what if" 

14.) Learn From Elders

15.) We can have emotions as well - We are humans, we cry, we become sad, we need shoulders to lean on and that is ok. As long as you don't let your emotions dominate your life.

16.) Failure is necessary - I try to look at life like going to the gym, in order to build the body of your dreams, you have to go through hell and tear your body down....so that it can build back stronger.

17.) Never Settle

18.) Self-Love - If you have not mastered the ability to love and appreciate yourself, you will hurt every mate that you come in contact with.

19.) Self-reliant  - Anything that you can do for yourself such as change a tire or cooking, learn how to do it. I know its nothing like your mama cooking, but someone is not always going to be available to assist you.

20.) Excuses are unacceptable - Out of the seven days a week, "Someday" is not one of them. "I don't have the money" "I don't have the time" are both excuses. Whatever you want, whether it's that beautiful queen you have been eyeballing or that promotion at your job, you can and you will obtain it.

21.) Don't let money make you- Its not the money that makes you happy, but what you can do with it. Don't chase money because money is limitless, therefore you will be chasing it forever, chase experience and happiness.

22.) You are NOT your father - YOU ARE NOT YOUR FATHER. You shouldn't let his mistakes nor his absence dictate how you look at life or hinder you mentally. In todays society fatherless homes are more common than ever before, which is even more reason to stick together as black men to make sure our children don't suffer from the same experiences as we did. Step up as men and cut the excuses, these children need us.

These are only a few of many things I feel we as black males should understand,  but I picked my top 22 because I am currently 22 years old lol.  Hope you enjoyed the read!


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