The Lost Art of Dating
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
— Unknown

In 2017 with sex being available at the mere swipe of a finger, the standards in which we use to define a relationship being lowered and living through social media, dating has become nearly obsolete.

Being the hopeless romantic I am, I still believe that there is people who genuinely have an interest in dating with a PURPOSE (not just to look cute on social media) and eventually get married.

Due to the inconsistencies within the  dating field, woman have become very self efficient. It has gotten to a point to where they are raised to need no one.  

Kings, we must step up and take pride in actually dating and wanting to build, and not just getting by. Here are a few tips to remember

1.) She is not an object- If you were to consider her an object, envision her as a book in which you plan to read cover to cover. In todays society, the degradation of a woman's value is being spread through every avenue of communication possible. Treat her like a woman, she has needs and feelings and she is not beneath you. Get to know her and never stop Trying to know her

2.) Kill the Pride- The age of the man "running the show" is over. We must learn that with dating, we must not compete with each other based on standards that society has placed. Achieve together. Also, admit when you are wrong, not being able to accept your wrongs and/or constantly putting blame can be detrimental to the relationship.

3.) Go the extra mile- "Whipped" is the term used by people who are scared to love (my personal opinion). Go on a date, open the door for her,  and make it apparent that she is of great value to you.

4.) Expression and  Emotions- Communication is key, especially since we live in an age where communication is mainly through technology and emotions have been limited to emoji's within a text message, a button on Facebook and your value is determined by the amount of "likes" you get. We need to clearly communicate our feelings and intentions for the relationship.

5.) Have a Vison- "Seeing what happens" doesn't cut it, you need to have a plan for your life and where you want it to be. The part that gets complicated is that when you make these grand plans, you must unselfishly include your significant other, this is where communication plays a role.

6.) Religious Views- This is the most important step. I personally contribute all of my success in life to God. Keep God at the head of your life and everything will fall into place. A relationship without God is destined to fail.

How did you come up with this list? Who is your date?

Being that I am only 22, of course I don't know everything and I had some help over time thinking of the tops ways in which I can be a better man when it comes to relationships. I decided to take the person on a date who gave me the advice I needed to remain a great main and not fall victim to the ideologies of todays society.....

My mother, my entire life she has made sure that I would have a mind of my own and grow up to be a man of integrity and honor within any bond, whether its a business partnership, friendship or a relationship. I am very thankful for her guidance and for those who doesn't have this kind of support, I am writing this for you. I don't believe that dating has died, society has just become more focused on sex and decreasing the need for human interaction by using social media.

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Until Next Time Gents