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Entrepreneurial Spotlight: #Married&Motivated

Razhede Highsmith1 Comment
Entrepreneurial Spotlight: #Married&Motivated
Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
— Unknown

First I would like to say congratulations to my close friends Mr. & Mrs. Setzer! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it almost had me in tears. In this entrepreneurial spotlight, I wanted to interview these two because they both just started a business.....each.....Now anybody that knows the many stressors of starting a business, no matter the industry, can be overwhelming...but they decided to raise the bar and simultaneously create TWO business. That being said I wanted to interview them and get a closer look at how they are operating. 

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Give us a quick background on how you met.

 We initially met the first semester of our sophomore year in college, in a sociology class. We sat next to each other, knowing that the attraction was there, but we were both talking to/dating other people at the time so we didn’t entertain it. About a year went by and our paths crossed again (on Twitter), and this time we were both single. He messaged me, we started hanging out and studying together, eventually we went out to eat, and then chilled. We took things slow and after about 7-8months of building a friendship, we started dating. After almost 2 years this lead to an engagement, and the following year, marriage!! 

2.) What inspired each of you to start a business

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Honestly I heard from God to start my own edible arrangement business and ran with it! A lady at our church saw a picture of some fruit that I had posted and she said she would pay for it. I offered to do it for free, but she insisted on paying because she said it looked that good! Later on that night I prayed and heard from The Lord. I consulted with my apostle for confirmation and after that, it all began to fall into place! 

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For me it came down to whether I wanted to spend the rest of my life building another man’s dream or if I wanted to take control of my life and devote time to build my own dream. I always knew that I wanted to build an empire, and I truly believe that an empire can only exist when ownership is in the picture. Starting, maintaining, and growing a successful business is hard work, but it is achievable if you keep God first and work hard daily! God gave me the vision and now it’s up to me to perform the work to ensure that vision becomes a reality. To give a quick summary I have developedmobile app called Simple Finance, which makes budgeting extremely simple without the use of excel etc. It is on the apple store for 99 cent. 


Who Started their Buisness First? Did that inspire the spouse to start a business of their own?

I (Angie) started mine first, but my husband was discussing business first. He definitely is an inspiration! He continues to push me and tell me that I can, even when I feel otherwise. He has been talking about wanting a business since we first met and to see us both doing it is truly amazing. He is a firm believer in multiple streams of income, so he has been working on multiple business ideas/plans simultaneously.

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Lastly, What's some advice yall have for couples thinking about going into business together?

First of all, you have to be willing to seek advice and accept criticism. Don't allow people to talk you out of your dreams and always be there to support one another. Pray for each other and with each other. Don't cause stress to each other; the world does this enough on its own. One of our favorite quotes are words that every entrepreneur should live by…”Control your controllables”. Technically “controllables” isn’t a word, but we think the point gets across when it’s put that way. Basically that’s saying don’t worry about things that are out of your control. Make a plan, implement the plan, and adjust the plan as circumstances arise.


Contact Information?!?!

I absolutely appreciate y'all allowing me to interview you for my blog, what is your contact information so that my readers can do business with you?

James Setzer (Financial Advisor, Creator of Simple Finance application)

JamesSetzerLR@gmail.com, DreamBuildersjs.com

"Control your controllables."


Angie Setzer (CEO and Founder of Divine Arrangements)

devinearrangements8@gmail.com, facebook.com/DevineArrangements8/ 

"Don't let your past dictate your future."