What is my Inspiration?

Founded by William Henry Belk in Monroe, North Carolina (right outside of Charlotte), Belk is the premiere department store for high quality products. Belk's offers apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings and wedding registry.

(Now that I'm done with the basics) Belk is a wonderful place to shop, especially if your budget is tight. They have a wide variety of brands including Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Odd Sox, Levi Strauss, and much more. Their menswear section is absolutely phenomenal. Catch me in the store like.....


As I started my menswear journey, Belk was (and still is) my go to department store due to the fact that they have different sales throughout the week, and is very affordable. I would highly suggest to anyone who wants to redo their wardrobe (male or female), to start with Belk.


"What inspires you to live the way you do?"

Being the person I have always wanted for myself, that is what inspires me. Growing up on a farm, as my parents were incarcerated, my family didn't have much money. As a child I got teased a lot, for my head, my small stature and my lack of "popular" clothing.

This pushed me to act out, caused me to get into an enormous amount of trouble, then one day it all struck me. My mother said to me "Be original, focus on your talents, and be happy with how God made you, and the rest will come". 12 years later, at 22 years old, I feel like I finally understand the concept.

I started a non-profit named High Achievement Outreach, which focuses on giving underprivileged youth the opportunity to get academic tutoring and sports training for free, providing them with useful life lessons, such as how to fill out taxes etc, while giving them an avenue for free expression and to better the community.

Being comfortable with who I am took me a while, I want to partner up and help out as many youth as possible so that they too, can get the help that they need. It is my mission to do as much as a can too help out the youth that were in my same shoes or worse. I hated growing up seeing so many of my friends who were superstar athletes and geniusus, fall victim to the streets of our neighborhood, because of inadequate guidance, the cycle must end.

Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves to have a chance at achieving their goals, no matter their background, I want to help as many people as I can to be able to play this game called life on an even playing field.

“What does this have to do with Belk?

I have seen Belk partner with many organizations to give back to the community, including Charlotte Seen, so I see it as, if I can save money and look good, and the company still gives back, they will always have my business.

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