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"What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world."

I am a person who love quotes, as you can see I put one at the beginning of each one of my articles, I love them. My quotes usually comes from very influential people and have helped me on this journey to START my non-profit and my blog.

"What is the purpose of you having a blog? How will that help with expanding your non-profit?"

The purpose of my blog is to be able to spread the messages that I implement at my programs in Gastonia, to combine fashion and community service. My nonprofit is designed to increase the overall image and "health" of each and every underprivileged community as possible. Being that I am a psychology major, I follow the Positive Action Model. (Positive thoughts leads to positive actions, positive actions leads to a positive life style.)

Beginning Struggles? How to conquer them?

- Confidence was very low: 

Being that I am young, freshly starting into the blogging industry and started my non-profit, all by myself, I was very lost. I was looking at other great influencers such as Dj Hargrave (IG: Tailormadedj), Paris Pullen (IG: Parispullen), Akil McLeod (IG: dapperadvisor), Devan (IG: Devanondeck) I was able to peace together what was needed to be successful as a menswear/lifestyle influencer, it just takes time. Advice: Run your own race, don't compare your success and struggles with anyone else. Collaborate and create as much content as possible.

Be original

You need to bring something to the table that everyone doesn't have, whether it is your personality, your good looks, the style in which you take photos (but if you have all three like your boy that's a plus.) But seriously, be yourself, people will latch on.

Have Fun!!

Follow your dreams, but have fun. Its no point in making something your way of life, if you cant have fun doing it. Enjoy what you do and be thankful for the process it took. There will be ups and downs, but where is the fun if everything was perfect.

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