Dapper King
Dapper King

You have some how stumbled upon my page....I am absolutely grateful that you are here. While you are here I will make sure to provide you with valuable high quality content that you can utilize throughout life whether its:

- Motivation

- Fashion

- Lifestyle Advice

- Traveling Tips

- Workout tips (every now and then)

- Reviews of products


Why do I do this?

Growing up, my family didn't have much money. Born and partially rasied in Stantonsburg, NC (one stop light town, look it up its small af). We stayed on a farm and I literally had two shirts, three pair of pants and a pair of blue and white AND1 sneakers. 

My family moved to Gastonia NC, when I was 10, and they gave me HELL in Gastonia. I got picked on for my size, my height, and I got called ugly all the time. Growing up I struggled with depression a lot and as I got older and began to find myself, I vowed to make sure that any male (or female where applicable) that wanted help being motivated, I would be that guy to assist. 

Being that we didn't have a lot of money, even as an adult, I noticed that the oxford shirts at Walmart were way cheaper than the Urban shirts at the mall, and then I realized, how good I look in menswear and saved money and went for a more tailored look, then I feel in love. 

As I began to dress this way, I started to gain more attention. (good and bad some called me lame etc., some fell in love.) Fast forward to 11 months later I have been fortunate to work with some great brands such as TJ Maxx, Bond Watches, BBuddyBowties, and Jord Watches and much more to come. 


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